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April 2024

Important Announcement(s):

Apr 2021 Exam Fee Refund > Update Transaction Details Module Enabled

Registration (Without Fine) > Download CSV & Download CSV2 Modules Enabled

NR Edit - I (M & N/Z Schemes) & NR Edit - II (Before Oct 2023) Download Enabled

NR Edit - I (R2023 Scheme) Download also enabled

Before uploading Registration, Please ensure the correctness of NR Edit
Any Dispute(s) to be reported to

Malpractice Results PDF available in the FTP

Download ACS Orders for the GTE Typewriting Examinations
to be held on 24.02.2024 (Sat) & 25.02.2024 (Sun)
Miscellaneous > Download GTE TW ACS Orders

List of Candidates Applied for Revaluation
Consolidated Report for Institutions (October 2023) now enabled.

Please download revised/updated studatt CSV file.

If any of the register number is to be removed
(due to TC issued / admission not approved) from the Spell I & II,
please enter -8 for both HOURSP1 and HOURSP2.

Spell I & II Attendance Download, Upload, Draft Copy
and Final Copy Modules Enabled.

Please download the attendance and ensure that details of all regular students.
appear in the CSV file except
Malpractice/Readmission/Institution Transfer
In case of any disputes, please send e-mail
Deadline: 05-02-2024 (Monday) 05.00 p.m.

Elective Module for Apr 2024 Examination Enabled
Verify the Draft Copy throughly before proceeding to Final Copy
Request for Change in Elective Subjects will not be entertained at later stage
Deadline: 05-02-2024 (Monday) 05:00 p.m.


Do not make multiple payments. If you have paid, but acknowledgment copy not generated, please check your accounts.
If debited, please send mail mentioning your register number and name to We will update the records and inform by e-mail.

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